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Go Pro Baseball Organization

Travel Teams:

9u Braun | 10u McCoy | 11u Yu | 12u Monteith | 12u Block | 13u Camaj | 13u Frangella | 14u Shelley | 14u Huffman 

College Exposure Teams:

 15u | 16u Cunningham | 16u Singler | 17u Kosack | 17u Daly 

Go Pro Alums:

Click here to see past Go Pro Baseball Organization Alums in College and the Pros!

Go Pro Baseball Organization

At the Go Pro Baseball Organization, we focus on the development of our players, to allow them to compete to the best of their ability. We challenge them to overcome adversity and make critical decisions to enhance their mentality when it comes to both athletics and life. As one of the leading travel organizations in the Chicagoland area, we take it upon ourselves to develop the future generations of baseball.

The Facility

The Go Pro Sports Academy is the home of the Go Pro Baseball Organization. Based in Plainfield, IL, we have the latest technology to aid in the development training of our players. Using radar gun and video analysis in every one of our 8 cages, we can show players their development, and track milestones in their training unlike any other facility in the area.

Our Goals

This year, we have set new goals for the organization, with trying to assist as many players as possible in their attempts to continue their baseball careers past high school, and on to the college and professional levels. We create player profiles and upload the in house recruiting video for the player to aid in the challenging recruiting process that many athletes face when looking at colleges.

Social Media

If you are interested in our player's and organization's development, make sure to check out all of our social media outlets! We use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter every day to keep our followers up to date! Make sure to stop by and see what we are up to!

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